At the Minnesota Four Wheel Drive Association (MN4WDA), our love for off-roading goes beyond the trails; it extends to the core of our organization, where real action and progress happen – within our committees. Our committees are the driving force behind our non-profit organization, fostering camaraderie and ensuring the success of our mission. Like various off-roading challenges, each committee has its unique role, making it an integral part of the MN4WDA family.

Why Committees Matter

Just as off-roading requires teamwork and coordination to conquer different terrains, our organization relies on committees to navigate its path. These committees play a vital role in the smooth operation of our club and the enhancement of our members’ experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or a newcomer to the world of four-wheeling, our committees offer numerous opportunities to engage, contribute, and make a meaningful impact.

Information Technology Committee

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any organization. The Information Technology Committee ensures that MN4WDA stays connected and accessible to its members and the public. Whether it’s maintaining our website, managing social media accounts, or implementing new tech solutions, this committee keeps us up to speed.

Legislation Committee

Our ability to enjoy off-roading often depends on the laws and regulations in place. The Legislation Committee closely monitors legislation that affects off-roading and advocates for policies that support our hobby. Join this committee to be a part of the effort to protect our off-roading rights.

This may include conferencing with MN4WDA lobbyists, sharing information with MN4WDA leadership, attending or testifying at legislative hearings, drafting communications to members about action items or legislative priorities, and developing legislative communication materials and strategies.

Membership Committee

Our club thrives on the strength of its members. The Membership Committee focuses on attracting and retaining off-roading enthusiasts, ensuring they feel welcome and engaged. Join this committee to help grow our community and enhance member experiences.

This may include sorting membership data for a variety of purposes as requested by leadership, managing club membership rosters, importing membership data, troubleshooting specific member issues, drafting communications to the membership base, implementing communication strategies for business associate members, ordering business associate plaques, and ordering other supplies needed for membership.

Spring Convention Committee

Our Spring Convention is a highlight of the MN4WDA calendar, bringing members together for a weekend of off-roading, education, and fun. The Spring Convention Committee plans and organizes this exciting event, ensuring it’s a memorable experience for all.

Committee members will collaborate to plan the annual spring convention event, including venue, event schedule, sponsors, donations, special activities, banquet dinner, other meals, necessary supplies, budget constraints, volunteer coordination, event ticketing, raffle, other prizes, event advertising and promotion, preregistration, event merchandise, speakers or guests, and any other items pertaining to the event. This committee is active only during Spring Convention planning,
typically November – May.

Land Use Committee

Preserving and protecting off-roading trails is at the heart of our mission. The Land Use Committee takes charge of ensuring our access to trails by researching property information, seeking project updates, scouting new recreation opportunities, transporting materials, developing ideas for project areas, planning volunteer events, and overseeing on-the-ground volunteer operations.

Media Committee

Capturing and sharing our off-roading adventures is essential for building a sense of community. The Media Committee handles photography, videography, and storytelling to document our experiences and promote the MN4WDA through the website, social media, YouTube, and the Minnesota Wheelin magazine.

Committee members will assist Print Media Manager, Digital Media Manager, and Social Media Manager with all media responsibilities. This may include making posts on social media, writing and editing content for Minnesota Wheelin magazine,
drafting newsletters and email communications, creating and reviewing promotional materials such as brochures and postcards, creating and/or uploading photos and content to the website, removing outdated information, and creating new posts and pages on the website.

Merchandising Committee

Show your MN4WDA pride with our merchandise! The Merchandising Committee designs and manages our club’s merchandise, allowing members to display their affiliation proudly.

Committee members will assist the Merchandising Manager with matters of merchandising, including designing merchandise, collecting pre-orders, managing e-commerce platforms, housing merchandise, shipping orders, ordering merchandise for special events, and maintaining accurate merchandise inventory.

Swap Meet Committee

Committee members will collaborate to plan annual swap meet events (spring and/or fall), including venue, event schedule, event advertising and promotion, volunteer coordination, event merchandise, facility rental, food and beverage, necessary supplies, budget constraints, and any other items pertaining to the event. This committee is active only during Swap Meet event planning, typically January – April for spring event and August – November for fall event.

Get Involved Today

No matter your interests or skills, there’s a committee at the MN4WDA waiting for you. Whether you’re tech-savvy, a trail advocate, a creative storyteller, or simply eager to contribute, we encourage you to join a committee and help shape the future of our organization. Together, we’ll make off-roading safer, more enjoyable, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations of enthusiasts.