Derby 4×4

In business for over 40 years, Derby Four Wheel Drive, Inc. (Derby 4×4) is a family-owned and operated off-road specialty shop . . . the home of “Central Minnesota’s 4 Wheel Drive Specialists”. Since the 1980’s we’ve been actively working for off-road opportunities . . . We promote, facilitate, and participate in 4-wheeling. We’ve been out on the trail . . . we know off-road and what you need to get through those difficult areas and still make it back home. We can help you get your vehicle equipped. Let us take your 4×4 to the next level! Lockers, re-gearing, suspension, steering, driveline, transfer case customization, wheels, tires, body armor, winches, fabrication, engine, general repair, miscellaneous accessories and the list goes on. Come to us “For Everything In 4-Wheeling.”

Find us at:

Phone Number: (320) 251-0012

Address: 3767 Shadowwood Drive NE Sauk Rapids MN 56379