Tire Pros & Wheel Experts

Tire Pros & Wheel Experts is a local family owned business offering tires, wheels, complete auto service, and vehicle accessories. We specialize in customization, and we’re well known in our area for building lifted trucks. We’ve built hundreds of lifted pickups and jeeps, ranging from the street-driven lifted pickups and Jeeps all the way to the infamous “Jeep Thing” rock crawler you may have seen at off road events.

Our unmatched expertise coupled with top-of-the-line equipment allows us to proficiently build and service specialty and customized vehicles ranging from lowered supercars to lifted monsters.

We’re happy to help with your build in any capacity. Just need some tires &/or wheels? We’re happy to help and will offer you guaranteed best pricing. Have a new Jeep or pickup truck that you want lifted for a daily driver? We build them every day and can handle your whole project from start to finish, making your dream a reality. Want to customize your Jeep to enhance its off-road capabilities? We’ve got just the guys you need to talk to.

Local: 651/430-0099
Toll-Free: 888/312-0099
Direct & Fax: 651/439-6650