MN Go 4 Wheelers

The Minnesota GO-4 Wheelers named after the Minnesota gopher was shortened to Go-4 and now represents the oldest and largest 4-wheel drive club in Minnesota and the entire Midwest. We are a non-profit 4-wheel drive club organized for the advancement of all aspects of 4-wheeling, and for the social betterment of its members. In June of 1966, a group of people with seven 4-wheel drive vehicles gathered together to organize a 4-wheel drive club; the first such club in Minnesota. On September 14, 1966, the Minnesota Go-4 Wheelers Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit organization. The Articles of Incorporation state that “The general purpose of this corporation shall be to advance and promote the general welfare, and to advance and promote recreational, educational, civic, and community welfare in relation to 4-wheel drive automotive vehicles.” That is what the Go4s were about in September 1966 and that is what we are still about today.

Contact Name Bruce Gunderson
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