Northstar Jeep Club

We are a group of like-minded individuals that enjoy the sport of off-roading in its many forms and we enjoy the company of friends, new and old, while doing so. We have a commitment of wheeling responsibly and leaving things better than when we found them. We do not require a specific vehicle, just as we don’t require a specific type of wheeling. The biggest thing that we are here for is the comradery. We will normally have members at multiple events over the course of a weekend so that everybody has fun. We do have an initial membership fee of $100 ($30 of which goes to the MN4WDA for membership) and then a continuing yearly membership of $75/year ($30 to MN4WDA). Membership includes tee shirts, decals, and other perks.

Contact Name Jonathan Feig
Phone 612-518-5002
Email [email protected]
Address Based out of Metro area