Rochester Rough Riders

Who are the Rochester Rough Riders? They are carpenters, cooks, mechanics, nurses, farmers, friends, family, moms, dads, and kids. This group that calls themselves those \"Riders of the rough\" are no different than any other so-called grownup that can\'t seem to stay clean or stay away from that sport called 4-wheelin\'! We are not just comprised of Jeep, Chevy, Ford, and homemade wheelers, we are a weekend family. Like any other 4WD club, we work all day and half the night. Why? For that moment of glory, to blast the pit, stand on it through the mud hole, climb one tire two feet in the air over the rocks, or just plain old drive through the woods to take in the fall colors. In my own experience of being a Rochester Rough Rider, I have met a tight-knit group of people who are dedicated and serious about Man, Machine, and Nature. Those of us who go to work on Monday tired, satisfied, broke, and downright happy that we came, we saw, we wheeled, and realized that we are Rough Riders. So, we will fix that tire, drain that water, fix that busted axle, and think... When will we go again? In these few brief words, this is the club that we call... The Rochester Rough Riders

Contact Name Brent Boysen
Phone (507) 254-2830
Address Mailing Address: 12987 25th Ave NW. Oronoco, MN. 55960