Craig Peters

I have been into anything with a motor since before I had my license. A friend invited me to Dresser in 2007 with my lifted plow truck, I quickly learned it is not a good idea to wheel a plow truck. From that trip I was hooked. For the next outing I had a 1977 F150 4×4 with a 460 & 38’s & wheeled that for several years at Gilbert, Dresser, Apple Valley Farms, Appleton & at Toys for Tots. I learned a lot from that truck & built a 1995 Extended Cab F150 with a fuel injected 460, doubler,one ton axles, etc. The extended cab is nice so that I can bring friends along & their kids to get the next generation into wheeling. Currently wheeling truck #3 is slowing being built to be better yet, full-size bodied vehicles don’t stay nice wheeling with Jeeps & buggies.

This group is a great bunch of people to know, they are always willing to lend a hand. This group has a great future, with new opportunities on the horizon. It talks all of us to work together to promote this sport & makes sure everyone wheels responsibly.

Position: Vice-President & Interim Secretary

Based in Oak Grove, MN