Mike Hoeft

I started out wheeling with a couple friends in the mud, and then found out that jeeps could go over rocks!! Ever since I have been hooked. I drive a jeep Cherokee buggy, “PAPA SMURF.” I tend to be extreme most of the time, however, I also like overlanding. I wheel at Gilbert at least twice a year, as well as Frontenac Farms, Donleys, Apple Valley, and Dresser. I have made many trips out of state, and my life goal is to wheel in all 50 states before I kick the bucket. I am currently a Board of Director for MN4WDA and I love helping make Minnesota history with our sport. I have been a member of the Rochester Rough Riders for almost 20 years. Of those years I have been membership coordinator, board member, and now serve as the MN4WDA representative.

Position: Board of Directors, Director of Affairs

Based in Rochester, MN